Shabazz for US Representative 2020

Tariq K. Shabazz was raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. As an adolescent he has witnessed an immense number of atrocities that range from illegal drugs, economic instability, lack of financial literacy and violent crime. As a young man, he recognized that the living conditions that he had been accustomed to were not conducive to securing a positive future for the youth within the city as well as the nation.

Mr. Shabazz was motivated to become the change that he sought within the community and of the Nation. He enlisted into the United States Navy in 2014 under the job title Aviation Electronics Technician. He graduated #1 in his apprenticeship class of 30 Marines and Sailors. This being said, he went on to a successful career within the Armed Forces attaining the title of Second Class Petty Officer. During his tenure he supervised the repair and upkeep of multi-million dollar assets to guarantee mission readiness of the flight-line. As a result of his earnest efforts he was awarded two Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medals, 1 Sailor of the year, two Sailor of Quarters, and multiple letter of commendations for his honorable efforts.

Mr. Shabazz is dedicated to bringing true change to the nation via policies that promote financial literacy throughout schools to establish legitimate equal opportunity; ensure teachers are sufficiently compensated for their amazing work, treat trauma throughout the inner-cities, Substantially improve Services to Veterans that have served this nation and improve the conditions for our Military Members.  

As U.S Representative, Tariq Shabazz will ensure policies such as Preparation for Adulthood initiative; Social Justice Reform, Entrepreneurship Improvement, and Mental Health initiative will be enacted that creates a more prosperous nation. #ForThePeople


Democratic Primary March 17, 2020

General Election November 3, 2020



Thank you for your interest in Tariq K. Shabazz for U.S Representative of Ohio District 11. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.


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